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TriLink Huihuang Safety Accident Investigation Action

Views: 25     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-16      Origin: Site


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This June is the 19th "safe production month" in China. In order to further strengthen safety awareness, the GM Office organized a safety accident investigation action.


Since June 9th, under the leadership of General manager Ma, we have carried out a comprehensive inspection on the safety work of all workshops in the factory for half a month. The first stop was the saw chain stamping workshop. While investigating safety accidents, it is also proposed that irregular and unreasonable places should be rectified and rectified in a timely manner. Such as: equipment without safety operation procedures, no work instructions on site, labor insurance products not used in accordance with the specifications, and work instructions have not been updated And other issues.


All departments actively participate in the safety inspection, according to the requirements of Mr. Ma, to actively rectify the problems detected.


In order to cope with the safety challenges brought by the peak season of the year, The company continues to promote the work of safety, put an end to all kinds of safety accidents, for the personal safety of employees, the company's production safety continuous and stable operation to provide a solid guarantee.


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