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The New Brand —— Hammhard

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  Jinhua TriLink Huihuang Co. LTD is a joint venture company co-founded by China Jinhua Huihuang Hardware Co., Ltd. and an American Company TRILINK SAW CHAIN LLC in 2004.

  TriLink saw chain is a brand. we manufacture products. 

  The TriLink saw chain begain operations in America, headquartered in Atlanta, in 2005. Now with officies in various U.S. cities, South America, Europe, and Asia, TriLink is proudly distributed in over 42 countries around the world. TriLink has built a reputation on providing the best quality, value, and service in the industry.

  As a global leader in the saw chain industry, the Trilink saw chain is very popular in economically developed regions such as Europe, America and Australia. But in the investigation of market sales, we found that South America, Southeast Asia and other markets still have a lot of room for development.

  As far as we know , the whole south American market is much competitive of the sales price. So except of the high quality chains (TriLink brand ) on our side, our factory developed the normal quanlity chains (3/8"lp, 325 and 3/8) in order to gain more middle market before three years ago. The difference is that the tie strap is domestic marterials and the cutter blade and drive link are still kept the Germany materials, but the production line is the same and the life time is similar. These chains are classified as a brand called Hammhard.

hammhard saw chain

 A brand begins as an idea; a promise. it becomes an experience. 

 Products can be copied by a competitor, but a brand is unique. A brand can be a name, a logo, a tag line, a design. it can span across product lines. It must adapt as it grows to remain both modern and relevant. A strong brand will remain unique. A successful brand will outlast its' products.

 Effective branding results in a distinguished connection with customers, buyers, and retailers; known as recognition and awareness. Brand recognition and awareness comes with strong brand management as well as offering the customers a quality value and quality product.

 TriLink Huihuang strives to provide value to our customers in production quality, pricing, and customer support. we relate to our customers and understand their needs. we motivate interest in our product and brand through quality, development and support. Our design, production, and customer support provide innovative solutions understanding the industry needs; aiming to develop products and solutions never before seen.


ZHEJIANG TRILINK HUIHUANG CO.LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing forestry tools of saw chain, guide bar and related accessories.
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