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"Quality Management Basic Knowledge" Special Training Session

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On the third floor of the company's training room, Quality Department Director Yin Qi gave us a comprehensive presentation of quality management knowledge, from basic concepts to development history, from the importance of quality management to how to carry out quality management... Minister Yin emphasized that "Quality is the starting point of value and dignity, and it is also the lifeblood of a company's survival." Therefore, controlling product quality is the top priority of an enterprise.

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Quality is produced by every employee in each process. Only by paying attention to the quality in the production process can the product quality level be effectively guaranteed. In the lean production process, to achieve zero defects in product quality, we must adhere to the "three nos" principle, that is, "do not produce defective products, do not flow out defective products, and do not accept defective products".

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The wonderful "Quality Management Basic Knowledge" special training session not only allowed all employees to learn quality management "tools", but also deepened everyone's "quality awareness".

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