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Quality Is Key

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All trilink huihuang chain is hand inspected 100% to insure all product is free from manufacturing defects.

Quality Control Is Everywhere 

All TriLink chain is hand inspected 100% to insure all product is free from manufacturing defects, operates smoothly, and is properly cleaned and oiled before packing.  


QC testing equipment

Metallographic lab has various kinds of QC equipments, such as Keyence, SEREIN, HITACHI, TESA and digital hardness tester, to fully measure and control material and parts specifications. 


UL certification

All safety chain is approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories to meet all ANSI standards for  low kickback chain (ANSI B175.1) in the United States and Canada (SA13355)

UL China audits our factory every quarter unannounced to compare our production runs to their specs.  We have never failed an audit nor had a claim against our manufacturing processes.

Competitive Performance Testing by 3rd party testing labs such as Underwriter’s Laboratories, Applied Technical Services, OnSpeX (Division of CSA International), Intertek Testing Services, and SGS US Testing Co.  In every instance, their testing results have shown excellent cutting performance, durability, and all TriLink product consistently meets and exceeds ANSI standards.

ZHEJIANG TRILINK HUIHUANG CO.LTD is a high-tech enterprise specialized in manufacturing forestry tools of saw chain, guide bar and related accessories.
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