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Logging Test

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Logging Test

  Lumbering is defined as cutting down trees. In order to test the performance of our products, our experimenters need to conduct logging experiments for up to ten hours.The following steps are required:

Stage 1 - Choose the length of the guide bar and the wood specifications;

Stage 2 - The wood should be straight and free of cracks

Stage 3 - Wood should be cork

Stage 4 - Cleaning the guide bar groove, especially the location of the oil hole, to ensure that the lubricating oil can smoothly enter the guide groove chain

Stage 5 - Ensure stable force or gravity when cutting


  Our company carried out a logging experiment according to the latest technical requirements In August. The main contents: testing the sharp retention period of the saw chain. After a saw chain is assembled, the cutting efficiency drops to 40% of the newly enabled state.

  As a certification test, we must have a rigorous and serious test attitude. In order to test the authenticity and reliability, the company uses full video to ensure its authenticity, we also test and record its logging efficiency every 15 minutes.

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