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Intelligent manufacturing of chainsaw chain and bars

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  Intelligent manufacturing refers to the general term for advanced manufacturing processes, systems and models with functions such as information self-awareness, self-decision, and self-execution. Its main contents include smart products, smart production, smart factories, smart logistics, etc. At present, our company is moving towards the goal of intelligent manufacturing


  In the past, we used traditional manual operations, and the daily production capacity was relatively low, unable to meet the growing customer demand. It forces us to improve equipment and increase production efficiency. In such an environment, R&D and design of automation equipment have been put on the agenda. Our R&D team learns the advanced manufacturing equipment styles at home and abroad, develops our own automation equipment according to the characteristics of our products. These equipments are heavily invested in saw chain sharpening and assembly.


  In the guide bar production department, we have also invested a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources to carry out intelligent manufacturing equipment transformation projects. After several years of hard work, we have an automated production line for guide bar stamping, welding, flatness Inspection and packaging. These automated production lines has greatly improved our production efficiency, reduced labor costs, time costs, and created higher value for the company.

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