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For a more comfortable working environment

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  In recent years, the company's workshops have been equipped with air conditioners, but due to the limitation of the working environment, the machining workshop has not been able to install air conditioners.  

  After understanding the situation, the company's senior management actively communicated with suppliers and customized 10 sets of 10P vertical air conditioners for the comprehensive guide plate workshop and the stamping workshop.


The new air conditioner in the sharpening workshop is already in the installation and commissioning stage.

  The physical and mental health of employees is the driving force for enterprise development and the basic requirement of humanized management. Therefore, the company always insists on putting the physical and mental health of employees first, and has been working hard to provide employees with a better working and living environment.


In order to reduce the workload of employees, the company has gradually increased its investment in intelligent manufacturing.


For a healthier and better environment, sewage and waste gas treatment equipment has been optimized.


  In 2019, the No. 11 dormitory building has undergone a comprehensive renovation and upgrade. Each room has full air-conditioning, WiFi full coverage, independent toilets, full vanity coverage, brand new solid wood beds, and bedside tables.


  In order to improve the living conditions of employees, large-scale upgrading and transformation of the living area. The entire canteen is repainted and the ceiling is repainted, and all the dining tables and chairs in the canteen are replaced with new ones. At the same time, more than 30 square meters of KTV room were added, and 34 parking spaces were added.

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