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Chainsaw guide bar types

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 CARVING BARS are solid nose bars, constructed from a solid piece of steel, and designed for 

trimming and pruning. The small nose radius is designed for precision shape cutting. These bars are 

available in 8" and 12" configurations.

carving guide bar

 MINI LAMINATE SPROCKET NOSE BARS have a rotating sprocket located at the tip of the bar 

with a single rivet construction. As the chain moves along the bar, the sprocket teeth carry the chain 

around the tip quickly with little friction or reduction in cutting speed. These bars are available in 

6" - 18" configurations

mini laminate bar

LAMINATE SPROCKET NOSE BARS are light weight bars that are typically used on consumer saws 

for the occasional or semi-professional user. These bars are available in many applications from 13" - 20" 

and are the best value for the consumer. These Laminate Sprocket Nose Bars have a rotating sprocket 

located at the tip of the bar with a sturdy four rivet construction.

laminated bar

REPLACEABLE SPROCKET NOSE BARS have a solid steel body with a replaceable sprocket 

nose tip. This tip can be changed as it wears out without having to replace the entire bar. These 

bars are manufactured for high speed, heavy duty saws and are preferred by the professional 

and semi-professional cutter; available in 13" - 36" configurations.

replaceable guide bar

SOLID HARD NOSE BARS are constructed from one solid piece of steel with Stellite™ alloy 

laser welded onto the tip. Solid nose bars are designed for dirty cutting conditions as they have no moving 

bearings to get clogged. These bars are also frequently used for bore cutting. Solid Hard Nose 

Bars are typically used by professional cutters because of their extreme strength and durability.

hard nose bars

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